I have been in the medical transcription field now for more than 25 years. My background, however, was originally in business and education. I worked for a private college for many years after graduating from Arizona State University. It was there that I got my interest in medical transcription just by chance while searching for new programs to offer at the school. After educating myself in this area, I started my own transcription business.

Almost 16 years ago as my business was growing significantly, I had more and more difficulty finding qualified transcriptionists to work for me. I finally decided to write my own program since I was already doing a great deal of training anyway. I decided to make this program very practical and hands-on so students would experience exactly what they would be doing in the real world. Currently, most of my employees are graduates from my program and all of them work at home!

Being in the field of medical transcription has allowed me to raise a family and be around them as they grow up. While my children were in school I was able to volunteer at their school, go to their parties, etc. and still be able to bring in a significant income. Working at home has met my goals of being a mother and a business owner. If you invest in Medical Transcription Made Easy you too will enjoy life’s pleasures.

Wishing you the best,
Mary Park-Youhanaie